It's no contest.

LabelOnce is paperless
Ever think you could "cut" and "rewrite" labels written with a permanent marker as if you were using a word processor? You can with LabelOnce erasable, non-paper, permanent labels. It makes it much easier to keep labels organized because you're never tempted to peel off, make layers, or overwrite the old label. Writing and erasing on the glass-smooth surface of LabelOnce erasable labels is instant neatness.

LabelOnce products are based on the fact that standard permanent marker ink is not irrevocably permanent on our polymeric (translated: non paper) surface of file folder labels, food labels, hanging file indexes, and much more. It works like this:

1. Apply the LabelOnce label to something. (Just once!)

2. Write on the surface with a permanent marker.

3. The ink dries almost instantly.

4. The ink won't smear like whiteboard ink.

5. Erase the ink as needed with a LabelOnce eraser.

The ink comes off completely clean as often as you need. No more markouts, peeloffs, reprints, or label layers. All you get is "instant neatness" without ink ghosts.